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Posted by Digimaks - October 4th, 2018

After YEARS of inactivity on here, I am making a comeback. But not in Flash movies (yet). I am exploring the new field of music. After few tracks and dozens of experiments with MIDI sampler- it just not sounding good.
However after exploring FLStudio and 16bit synth, I think I am getting somewhere i truly love to do!
Will see.

P.S. Sorry never got to come back to Robotnik Duels 2. Too much adult responsibilities and work nowadays.

Posted by Digimaks - October 23rd, 2009

Hello friends of Sonic world!
It has been a while since I released the game called Ultimate Robotnik Duels here on newgrounds. And was quite impressed how quickly it gained decent popularity and spread to many other websites where I havn't posted! It been a pleasure for me to see how basically my SECOND game I ever made, got played and apreciated by many of you! Many thanks far all who played!

As time went by, lots of fans have asked for a second release or even a sequel of UDR that would also include single player-story mode. I am not too sure if I could handle an ENTIRE Sequel , as it will take me forever to do all the work by myself alone. However, the more I got requests and email bombing, the more it got me intrigued to give it up for a second release!

So what do I have right now? I am currently working on entirely new version of the Robotnik Duels game engine. I know I could use older engine. However by that time I have a better scripting skills. Lots of things I did back then can be done more shorter and simpler now. One of the biggies is to eliminate any use of "HITTEST", since it takes up lots of CPU. Right now I am using Height and Width of the objects and test if their bounds are intersecting. This seems lot more accurate.

You will encounter the same weapons as you seen in UDR1 along with new kinds of weapons that were in the Sonic games as well asmany custom designed weapons I come up with. Any suggestions, ideas of wepon types- welcome!

I am thinking of cutting out several characters that I had in previous game. Not too sure about it. Suggestions welcome.

About Background Music- I will include some original tracks as well as many good remixes.